July 2020
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Simple Grunge Text

Today I thought I’d show you how to make a simple grunge effect for text.

Step 1. Make a new document and fill with a light green colour (#8dc63f)

Step 2. Select the Text Tool and set the font to Impact, type a word on a new Layer. I chose my name but you can choose anything.

Step 3. First make a New Layer above the text layer then reset the swatch to the default colours by pressing D on the Keyboard. Then fill the Layer with Clouds by going to Filter>Render>Clouds.

Step 4. We then add a Threshold Adjustment Layer above the Clouds Layer, Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Threshold. Then Hide this layer by clicking the Eye icon in the Layer Palette.

Step 5 . Next we clip the Clouds Layer and the Threshold Layer by selecting both of them in the Layer Palette and going to Layer>Create Clipping Mask.

Step 6. Next we go back to our Text Layer and we want to adjust the blending options, Layer>Layer Styles>Blending options. In the “Blend if” section Adjust the “This Layer” slider to the right so the slider reads 0, 249.

Step 7. Now unhide the Threshold layer and move the right hand slider slowly to the left, the letters will now start to vanish in chunks. Only a small adjustment is needed for the effect.

And thats it 🙂

hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please feel free to visit me at simonrudd.info 🙂

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