July 2018
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Faking Star wars…

I always enjoy the beginning of star wars, the scrolling text gets me in the mood for a sci-fi fest! :D so I thought i’d show you a way of faking it in Photoshop :)

Step 1

First go to http://www.dafont.com/search.php?psize=m&q=jedi and download and install the Star Jedi fonts, then make a new Black background document!!

Step 2

Filter>Noise>Add Noise> 40%, Distribution – Gaussian, monochomatic Ticked

Step 3

Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur> 0.5%

Step 4

Image > Adjustments > Threshold> move slider till you get a few stars

Step 5

Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur> 0.5%

Step 6

This is where we add more personality to it, first duplicate the background layer (Layer>New>Layer via Copy) and flip it 180° (Edit>Transform>Rotate 180) and set the new Layer blending mode to screen to let the stars shine through.

Step 7

Next increase the size of the new Layer to around 150% Edit>Transform>Scale then set the amount to 150% in the options bar. Make a new layer named big stars and using a soft edged brush set to around 5 pixels and your foreground set to white paint in a few random larger stars.

Step 8.

Add a hue/saturation adjustments Layer and click colourize, next move the hue slider to 200 leaving saturation at 25 and brightness at 0. this will make the stars slightly blue.

Step 9.

Select the text tool from the tool bar, set your colour to yellow and choose one of the Star Wars fonts you installed, next draw out a large rectangle on your screen using the text tool and fill it with lots of words :D

Step 10.

Right click on the text layer in the layer palette and click Rasterize text, then go to Edit>Transform>Perspective, bring the top in making it smaller but leave the bottom wide. Finally move the text if you want to a more central location :)

Step 11.

finally add a drop shadow layer style to the text, I used the following settings…!

Thats about it, if you have an suggestions for further tutorials please give me a shout at simonrudd.info :D


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