July 2020
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Creative uses of the magic wand tool

The Magic wand tool is very useful when you want to create “fuzzy” selections, but it can also be used creatively to make some cool things…!

Step 1. Download the following pictures – http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/137829 and http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/829044.

Step 2. Drag the Balloon picture over to the clouds picture. Select the magic wand tool and in the options bar make sure contiguous is ticked and tolerance is set to 32. This will put a selection around the balloon. Press the Delete key to remove the background leaving the hot air balloon.

Step 3. Make a new layer above the balloon layer and call it strokes. Select the magic wand tool again and set the tolerance to 10 and untick contiguous. Begin to click on part of the balloon making small random selections.

Step 4. Select the strokes layer and select the Stroke dialogue (Edit>Stroke>) set the colour to black and the width to 2px. Also set the location to outside.

Step 5. Move back to the Balloon layer and repeat this again and again until you have many stroked outlines.

Step 6. Hide the balloon layer leaving the strokes layer. Make a new Layer under the strokes layer and name it colours, select a chalk brush and randomly paint in some white strokes under the strokes layer.

Step 7. This can now be left like this or you can add some more random colours / lines on top of the white lines.




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