July 2020
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Chocolate text (With sprinkles)

Step 1.

Make a new document and grab your Pen Tool, set the Options to Shape Layer in the options bar. Next we want to create your letters. I made the word YUM.

Step 2.

Select the Colour overlay Layer Style (Layer>Layer Style>Colour Overlay>) and change the colour to Brown (#6f3800)


Step 3.

Next select the Inner Glow Layer Style and set the colour to black (#000000), change the blending mode to Normal and increase the size to 27.


Step 4.

Select the Bevel and Emboss Layer Style and change the depth to 140%, also change the size to 14. Next change Angle to 140Β° and altitude to 70Β°.


Step 5.

Finally we add a Drop Shadow Layer Style, set Angle to 140Β° and increase Distance to 28, spread 10 and size 40. That’s the Layer Styles completed. Copy these styles to the other letters so they all look like they are chocolate πŸ˜€


Step 6.

Go to http://littlephotoshopofhorrors.co.uk/brushes/ and download the Sprinkles Brush, this is a free to use Photoshop brush I created. Simply Double click the brush to install it.


Step 7.

Select a nice bright colour like Red and on a new Layer called Sprinkles at the top of the Layer Stack, select the Brush Tool and choose the Sprinkles Brush. Start to add some sprinkles, change the colour a few different times and carry on adding more sprinkles.


Step 8.

Select the Layer Style we created earlier and copy to the sprinkles Layer, hide all but the bevel and Emboss Style. This makes the light sources all the same.


Step 9.

Add a Layer Mask to one of your Letters. Select a Hard Edge Brush, set the foreground to black and add a few β€œBites” to the side of the chocolate but clicking on the letter.


Step 10.

finally add a Layer Mask to the Sprinkles Layer and remove any sprinkles that are on the holes (or have been eaten) πŸ˜€


I hope you liked this tutorial – if you have any Photoshop questions them please feel free to e-mail me at simonrudd@gmail.com and I will try and answer them πŸ˜€





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