July 2020
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Adding clouds to a photo


Sometimes a blue sky is lovely, especially when you’re trying to get a tan 🙂 but sometimes you may want to add some clouds to that perfect sky – it may make things more interesting.

Step 1.

Open a photo with a boring sky, I chose one that I had recently taken while away. As you can see the sky has no detail at all, very boring.

Step 2.

Make a new layer above the back ground layer – call this layer Clouds. Reset the swatch colours to black and white by pressing the D key on your keyboard.

Step 3.

Select the Rectangle Marquee Tool and make a small selection, fill this selection with Clouds (Filter>Render>Clouds>)

Step 4.

Remove the selection by pressing Control / Command & D. Next we want to stretch the clouds so it covers the sky, we do this by selecting the Free Transform Tool (Control / Command & T) then use the anchor points to stretch the clouds.

Step 5.

Select the Zoom Tool and Zoom Out option, zoom out a bit so the background is fairly small, but big enough to see what you are doing. Press Control / Command And F again and then right click in the selection, choose the perspective option.

Step 6.

We now want to use the Perspective tool, grab the left or right hand top anchor and drag out the clouds.

Step 7.

Change the Layer Blending Mode to Overlay.

Step 8.

Add a Layer Mask and mask out any of the clouds that cover anything but the sky.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, please come and visit my website at simonrudd.info 🙂

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